Welcome to TGN RADIO BROADCASTING new home, yes, we are going through some positive changes for TGN, please bookmark for future visits and keep coming back to view and check out TGN’s new home as we change.

TGN proudly presents Free Talk Live program agenda to the station lineup in the most provocative and controversial topics next to Rush. Free Talk Live will eventually be heard on TGN 5 days a week at 3:00pm (15:00)CST, 4:00pm (16:00)EST, 12:00pm (12:00)PST, 8:00pm (20:00)GMT, 9:00pm (21:00)CET, 1:00pm (13:00)MST, 8:00pm (20:00)UTC and 1:30am (1:30)IST


Free Take Live will be available on TGN , each show will be heard in an encore form considering shows are done every night but recordings won’r be available until next day.

Free Talk Live is talk radio show, with provocative and controversial topics of interest, next best thing to Rush Limbaugh. Free Talk Live Hosts/Co-hosts Ian Freeman and Mark Edge. James Cleaveland, Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo, Rich Paul, Darryl W. Perry, Johnson Rice, Conan Salada, and T.J. “the Spy,” bring to the radio stations hot and all fire content.

Free Talk Live is chiefly libertarian political talk show and topics range from current events to philosophy, from politics to personal issues. Free Talk Live engages in only a very basic form of call screening. The show is broadcast from Keene, New Hampshire. Before moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, the show was broadcast from Sarasota, Florida.

Show topics have ranged from……

Teen Hackers :: Sites Under Attack :: Protecting Kids Online? :: Liberty Movement IT People :: Twist and Tuck :: White Hat Black Hat :: Civilization Game :: Darkest Dungeon :: College Hacker :: Apple vs FBI :: Self-incrimination :: Thought Crime :: Flash Mobs :: Jott :: Signal Jammers :: Shem Kellogg’s Cancer :: Forced Decryption :: Feds Want to Crack Dozen More Phones :: Food Stamp Fraud :: EBT :: FLDS :: HOSTS – Ian, Jonny Ray, Johnson


The Justin Mohr Show

The Justin Mohr Show is aired on TGN Radio Broadcasting, each show will be heard in an encore form considering shows, which done live will be available in recordings won’t be available until later time for airing.

The Justin Mohr will be heard Tuesday and Thursday each at this time table…..
7:00pm (19:00)CST, 8:00pm (20:00)EST, 4:00am (04:00)PST, 12:00am (00:00)GMT, 1:00am (01:00)CET, 5:00am (05:00)MST, 12:00am (00:00)UTC and 4:30am (04:30)IST

Meet Justin Mohr

Justin Mohr
Justin Mohr Show

I farm and work on a feedlot just outside of Billings, MT. My dad and I will feed up to 8,000 head of cattle every year at the feedlot. As of September 20th I launched a podcast on itunes where i talk about the current issues of the day. My mantra is defending the free market and making the moral case for capitalism!

The Justin Mohr Show Bits

The Justin Mohr Show gets into all the important issues of the day like: the federal reserve, inflation, minimum wage, cost of regulations to the economy and much more.

Too many people have no understanding of economics and so the goal of this show is to make learning about economics and what’s happening in the economy today presented in an entertaining way.

One big problem is we have economic illiterates voting in economic illiterates! So whether you’re new to the subject of economics or know dang near everything, the Justin Mohr Show will keep you updated with what’s happening. Lets stand together and defend the free market and make the moral case for capitalism!

Justin Mohr Show
Justin Mohr Website

The Justin Mohr Show
Justin Mohr


Talk Radio

Talk @ 7 is a Monday, Wednesday and Friday show spotlighting commentaries and documentaries in the areas of political, humanity and current affairs happening in today’s world agenda. Time-table below….

7:00pm (19:00)CST, 8:00pm (20:00)EST, 4:00am (04:00)PST, 12:00am (00:00)GMT, 1:00am (01:00)CET, 5:00am (05:00)MST, 12:00am (00:00)UTC and 4:30am (04:30)IST

The commentary and documentary agenda is content and subject matter, for public awareness and notification, not necessarily always supported by TGN Radio Broadcasting. TGN’s primary mission is delivering public service announcements, playing music and commercials, replaying commentaries and documentaries.


TGN is known for their 50 years of music variety and “Its the music variety that makes all the difference” library, TGN loves to add to the music library.

TGN wants to say thank you listeners from the East New York area, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Southern Calf and Florida in the USA, Poland, Africa, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Canada, UK, China, France and Stafford U students, a BIG thank you!

Hey Radio listeners were getting TGN in place at the new stream host, as each day progresses TGN will get settled in.

Thank you for visiting the new home of TGN Radio Broadcasting. We look forward in having you for new listeners of TGN. Our music schedule and links will be back in place within the next couple of weeks.

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