Support Music Coalition


Thank you for visiting TGN radio Broadcasting. The Support Music Coalition window below is for listener’s, webcaster’s and or caster’s alike.

You may or may not know that CRB is trying to push through congress to cancel or revoke all webcaster/caster radio station license’s for online music- play.

If license’s are not renewed, online radio will pretty much be gone, at least the music-play portion. Also, has been noted for the webcaster’s/caster’s who can withstand the changes CRB will mandate outrages royalty fees attached to the licensing fees, so eventually music-play will go away, because of the high-cost.

By signing Support Music Coalition will help create a voice of reason to the cause, to keep fees/and other charge’s at a responsible increase and change level. Everyone in the radio industry as well as TGN Radio Broadcasting thanks you in advance for your support.